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Bridging Gaps. Closing Divide.
Cultivating The Galaxy Of Global Innovation.


From Houston to the World!

The Born Global Community is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in formation on a mission to propel diverse entrepreneurs and investors with a global mindset and to interconnect local and international innovation ecosystems.

“We are committed to cultivating the galaxy of global innovation with a focus on startup development, venture investing, network expansion and digital media through thought leadership, educational programs, and community building”.

No 1

diverse city of the United States

Houston is the 4th largest metropolitan in the U.S. with amazing socioeconomic, cultural, economic, household, and religious diversity

All kinds of diversity (whether that is measured by gender, ethnicity, or immigration status) lead to greater innovation, productivity, and growth .

1 in 4

residents are foreign born

With 90 different nations represented, Houston is home to the 3rd largest consular corps in the U.S.

Waves of immigration have brought in remarkable talents, skills, and technologies that help the U.S. economy to embrace and capitalize on fresh ideas.

  • U.S. Population



    are immigrants

  • U.S. startup founders



    are immigrants

  • Fortune 500 Firms



    founded by immigrants

  • Unicorns



    founded by immigrants

Area of Focus

  • Startup Development

    Workshops and bootcamps onboarding immigrant entrepreneurs

  • Venture Investing

    Investment education and syndicate backing immigrant-led startups

  • Network Expansion

    Onboarding to and Interconnecting with local and international ecosystems

  • Digital Media

    Multimedia content on immigrant innovator success and thought leadership


  • Thought Leadership

    Whitepapers/ Case Studies

    Success Stories


    Audio/Video Podcast

    Social Media


  • Educational Programs

    Annual Summit at HTR

    Biannual Hackathon

    Weekly Virtual Webinar

    Monthly Share and Ask

    Global Launchpad

    Investment Lounge

  • Community Building

    Mentor Circle

    Entrepreneur Outings

    Founder/Investor Matching

    Global Leadership Collective

    Rainbow Library


Programming Highlights

Born Global Festival | Houston Tech Rodeo | Venture Investing | Startup Development | Community Support | Ecosystem Interconnection

What People Feel

I love this creative new way to meet and learn about the Venture! Organization like Born Global found ways for us to connect and, in turn, bring the world closer.

Alisa Hsu-Young

Community Member

Benefits of Being a Volunteer, Partner, or Sponsor



Connect with internationally reknonwed business leaders. Aquire knowledge and skills. Get support from your tribe



Gain visibility on our website, social media, and newsletter. Access to talents and deals. Connect with other partners



Gain recognition at Born Global events and marketing channels. Depending on the level of contribution

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