Our Team

Meet The Team

Our Global Family

Get to know the passionate individuals who form the heart and soul of the Born Global Community.

Sunny Zhang
Sunny Zhang CoFounder. Chair of Board
Willy Verbrugghe
Willy Verbrugghe Co-Chair. Board of Director
Chris Mohoney
Chris Mohoney President. Board of Director
Yang Cheung
Yang Cheung Co-Lead NYC chapter
Natasha Gorodetsky
Natasha Gorodetsky VP of Programming
Wendy Nguyen
Wendy Nguyen Board of Treasurer
Arthur Ortiz
Arthur Ortiz Director of Sponsorship
Mabast Ahmad
Mabast Ahmad Director of Technology
Sammy Phan
Sammy Phan Director of Operation
Andrew Probasco
Andrew Probasco Director of Research
Sarah El Hoderi
Sarah El Hoderi Events
Elizabeth peng
Elizabeth peng Director of Partner Outreach
Alejandro Garza
Alejandro Garza Digital Marketing Manager

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Understand the problem. This step may require a high degree of analytical
thinking to understand constraints, achievable targets, alternative tactics